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Wed 30th Jan 2019

By Cricket Leinster

Safeguarding - Important for all Clubs

Please find attached specific note for all clubs entitled 'Club Safeguarding Compliance Guidelines'.

Cricket Ireland and Cricket Leinster (as your Provincial Union) are committed to safeguarding the well-being of its members. Every Cricket Club with youth teams and/or youth players has a duty of care not only to children but for all the members of their club.

For clubs to be compliant in their Safeguarding obligations, the steps outlined (in the attached document) must be followed and completed in full prior to the season with a commitment to ensuring that step 5 will be completed as and when an individual is required to be vetted. Many clubs are in a good space on this based on the work completed last year however every club will now need to refresh their materials, contact details and embrace the required process changes.

Clubs need to show their commitment to Safeguarding by providing their home Provincial Union (Cricket Leinster) with evidence of compliance no later than Wednesday 20th March 2019.

Please find attached soft copy of the new Cricket Ireland Safeguarding pack for your club reference - you will also be receiving a hard copy of this pack either by post, by hand or at the Designated Liaison Person (DLP) Training sessions scheduled for Tuesday 5th February (at Rush CC) and Tuesday 12th February (at Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan).

The safeguarding pack includes:

- Child Safeguarding Policy and Guidance

- Introduction

- Sections 1 - 6

Designated Liaison Person & Club Children’s Officers

To clarify any confusion which may exist between roles, the following definitions are given regarding club personnel who have child safeguarding functions. There are different courses for each role.

The courses on Tuesday, 5th February and 12th February are Child Safeguarding 3 and are for Designated Liaison Persons.

Designated Liaison Person (DLP) morning

Every club/organisation should designate a person to be responsible for dealing with any concerns about the protection of children.

The designated person is responsible for reporting allegations or suspicions of child abuse to Tusla and/or An Garda Siochána. It is recommended that this person is a senior club person.

The club’s child safeguarding policy and procedures should include the name and contact details of the designated liaison person and the responsibilities attached to the role.

The course for Children’s Officers is entitled Child Safeguarding 2. These courses are offered by the Local Sports Partnerships.

Club Children’s Officer

Club Children's Officers should be child-centred in focus and have as the primary aim the establishment of a child- centred ethos within the club.

S/he is the link between the children and the adults in the club. S/he also takes responsibility for monitoring and reporting to the Club Management Committee on how club policy impacts on young people and Sports Leaders.

The documents can be found here:
Club Safeguarding Compliance Guidelines
Safeguarding Pack - Introduction
Safeguarding Pack - Section 1 Roles and Responsibilities
Safeguarding Pack - Section 2 Codes of Conduct
Safeguarding Pack - Section 3 Vetting Documents and Policy
Safeguarding Pack - Section 4 Safe recruitment and training policy
Safeguarding Pack - Section 5 Dealing with Child Protection Concerns
Safeguarding Pack - Section 6 Policies

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