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Wed 16th May 2018


Refresher on submitting results by TCS or Sportstaz (now Cricketstatz)

Dear Scorers/Club Reps

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Naomi Scott-Hayward and today I am emailing you in my capacity as the Scorers' Representative on the Leinster Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association (LCU&SA). Click here for info on the Association:

For those who are using TCS on the iPad (similar on the laptop) to uploaded scorecards please use this process:

- at regular intervals [which in the absence of Live Scores should be as often as the scorer feels comfortable with]
- go to Menu > Email > Scorecard [on the TCS app]
- address to email to

As per the Women's Competitions Committee Newsletter ( please note the following:

This year, as the OCC have agreed to monitor and manage these incoming results, there will be an enforcement of the same rules as applied in the Open Competitions. If the score is not submitted within 72 hours of the game ending, there will be a deduction of 5 points. As in the Open competitions, this can be challenged through the Women’s Committee if the club believe there to be extenuating circumstances.
Lastly, please see attached quick reference guide to the Law changes that have a direct impact on scorers. This was kindly provided by Peter Searson. (we will upload a link to this document shortly, thank you for your patience)

Feel free to pass this on to all those that would have an interest/need for the information. We will be putting this on the Cricket Leinster website as well.

Kind regards

Naomi Scott-Hayward
Scorers' Representative

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