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Wed 12th Sep 2018

By Cricket Leinster

Premier/D2 Play-Off Update

In line with regulations and with the support of North County CC, a decision has been taken to move the Division 3 fixture (North County 2 versus Clontarf 2) next Saturday, 15th September from Inch to Observatory Lane (effectively a ground swap).

This is to allow the Premier League/Division 2 play-off fixture between Leinster 1 and Rush 1 to be played at a neutral venue i.e., Inch on the same day (as required by regulations).

The play-off will be played under the normal regulations for these leagues apart from the starting time which will be 11.00am.

We hope all clubs concerned will understand that this is the fairest approach and consistent with regulations especially in this situation where available grounds of a suitable standard are very limited at this late stage in the season.

We are especially appreciative of the support of North County CC in agreeing to host the play-off and to Leinster CC which will now effectively host the Division 3 fixture as above.

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