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Mon 8th Oct 2018

By Edde Lewis

Open Competitions: End of Season Reports 2018 [2]

The total number of players from Leinster clubs that participated in Open Competitions in 2018 was 2,161 [excluding 32 instances of unregistered players]. This is a 7% increase on 2017. The total number of players including Munster teams was 2,196.

The numbers registering for Open Competitions does not correspond exactly with the number of players. Every year there are a few that register with the intention of playing but never make it out onto the field. Some of those registering may also only take part in the Development League. The total number registered for Open Competitions was 2557. The number of incidents of unregistered players [at time of writing] had been dropping [from 29 in 2016 to 13 in 2017] but has shot up again this year - to 32.

The total number of teams competing in all competitions [excluding Cork / Munster] was 132 from 41 clubs. The breakdown of player numbers by club from 2011 to 2018 is set out in the table below. 

A number of players moved clubs during the year. To avoid double counting, the player is included under the last club he/she played with. Adjustments have also been made for Dublin University players returning to their clubs. 24 DU players did not turn out for a second club in the second half of the season.

Taking a look at the distribution of players between 2011 and 2018 one sees a major growth in the game in the outer city of Dublin and to a lesser degree in Leinster. The proportion of players from Fingal has stayed the same but that in Dublin City has fallen from about a half to just over a third. This, however, is mainly about the growth in new areas rather than a precipitous decline in absolute numbers among the city club. 

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