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Wed 21st Nov 2018

By Paul Reynolds

Division 13 review 2018 - Phoenix 5 win their first ever double

Division 13 stats

Leading all time run scorer (2011-2018) - Adam Ellison (Rush) - 827 runs @ 25.06
Most runs in a Division 14 season - Muhammad Navid (Railway Union) - 588 runs (2013)
Highest score - Anthony Coates (Ringcommons) - 203 - Ringcommons 1 vs Rush 4 - Kenure - 8 Sept 2012
Leading all time wicket taker (2011-2018) - Kevin Threadgold (Dublin University) - 67 wkts @ 12.76
Most wickets in a Division 13 season - Stuart Gallagher (Halverstown) - 36 wkts (2012)
Best bowling - William Clarke (Phoenix) - 8-5 - Phoenix 5 vs Terenure 3 - Phoenix - 29 April 2018
Highest team score - 380-6 - Ringcommons 1 vs Rush 4 - Kenure - 8 September 2012
Lowest team score - 14 all out - Sandyford 3 v Ringcommons 1 - Marlay Park - 13 May 2012

Most Matches in Division 13 (2011-2018) - Adam Ellison (Rush) - 48 (2011-2014)

Phoenix 5 won the double, the first in their history, when they added the Division 13 title to the Minor Cup.

Cricket Leinster's new website will be launching in the spring, but until then all player stats for the last eight seasons can be found at

Team of the Year (listed in the order, five batsmen/one wicketkeeper/five bowlers) 

Batsmen: Travis Stringer (Phoenix), Anish Rana (Phoenix), Alan Maginnis (Phoenix) (Div 12, 2012), Brendan Ferres (Pembroke), Juniad Iqbal (Phoenix)

Wicketkeeper: Wamiq Siddiqui (Phoenix)

Bowlers: Arun Verma (Greystones) (Div 12, 2013), Monjur Ahmad (Phoenix), Harry Valentine (Pembroke), Andrew Reynolds (Greystones), Keshav Bhagwati (Terenure)


Runs per wicket for all teams - 20.69 Runs per over for all teams - 4.91

Phoenix 5 - Champions - (Pos in league - 98 (2017 - 95)) - Batting Rating 168 - Bowling Rating 121 - RpO for 6.26 - RpO against 4.71

Phoenix 5 won the Division 13 title to go with the Minor Cup, completing their first double, and their third league title. They bounced back well from last year's relegation to capture a Division 13 title that they last won in 2015. In the end Phoenix and runners up Adamstown 4 were well clear of the chasing pack, but the two matches between the teams were crucial. Adamstown won well in the match in Phoenix, but the 76 run win on June 17 in Adamstown for Phoenix was the stand out match. If that had gone the other way, Adamstown would have been champions. That match saw 50s for Wamiq Siddiqui and Travis Stringer and three wickets for Junaid Iqbal, and all three were instrumental in the league title. Six players made our Team of the Year, and with the Phoenix batting powering the season, it is no surprise that five of these were batsmen. Wamiq Siddiqui was one of only three batsmen who scored 1000 runs in Cricket Leinster Open Competitions (the others were North County's Malcolm Nofal and Malahide's Matt Ford). In Division 13 Siddiqui scored 430 runs at 39.09. Next up was Travis Stringer, making his debut in Leinster during 2018, and scoring a useful 388 runs at 77.60. Anish Rana was another in his first season in Leinster, and again it was a strong one with 314 at 62.80. Junaid Iqbal scored 268 runs at 44.67, and was also the second highest wicket taker for the team with 15 wickets at 12.67. Alan Maginnis last made a Team of the Year in 2012 (the Division 12 team), and although he only just played our minimum requirement of five matches, he had another strong season with 223 at 55.75. The only batsman to pass 200 runs and not make Team of the Year was Usama Dar, who still had an excellent season with 240 at 40. The bowling attack wasn't quite as strong, and in fact we have it rated as only second best behind Adamstown. Monjur Ahmed was the pick, with 17 wickets at 10.76 (grabbing the final Team of the Year place). Vignesh Kannan took 14 at 15.14 and then a final word to William Clarke who took 11 wickets at 6.55, which included the best ever bowling figures in Division 13, 8-5 vs Terenure 3 in April.

Adamstown 4 - Runners up - (Pos in league - 99 (2017 - 104)) - Batting Rating 110 - Bowling Rating 124 - RpO for 5.29 - RpO against 4.32

Another rise up the league rankings for Adamstown 4, who improved their 2017 position by five places. They remain as the 10th best 4th team in the province, but now have North County, YMCA and The Hills in their sights. As mentioned above, the home loss to Phoenix turned out to be crucial, and the team must look back at the April loss to Pembroke with slight bewilderment. Those two matches aside, the side were unbeaten, with the best result probably being the win in Phoenix when a fine team performance (no 50s and no one taking more than two wickets) saw a 36 run win, defending 172. That suggestion of a team without superstars is perhaps confirmed with Adamstown not having a single player on our Team of the Year. Adamstown have the best bowling in the division and the second best bowling, but no one stands out. And that is definitely a positive - there is no reliance on a couple of players here. Leading wicket takers were Sarath Babu Lepakshi (15 at 15.33) and Vinay Kumar (15 at 20.73), followed by Sameer Handa (14 at 13.21) and Mayank Chauhan (10 at 11.90). Similarly with the bat, no one passed 250 runs, but plenty did well. Mandeep Sandhay scored 248 at 31, Mayank Chauhan added to his wickets with 230 at 25.56 and Vinay Kumar completed a fine all round season with 218 at 24.22. Adamstown will be one of the favourites for Division 12 next year.

Pembroke 5 - 3rd - (Pos in league - 100 (2017 - 98)) - Batting Rating 102 - Bowling Rating 105 - RpO for 4.72 - RpO against 5.05

A solid season for Pembroke, but the sixth year in the last seven seasons that Pembroke 5 have slipped down the league. As is the refrain from these reviews, that is very much a problem of lower teams in big clubs (Adamstown excepted), so Pembroke are no different to most other clubs - a trend linked to there being more strong clubs around the province. The season failed to gain any momentum (if you are a pessimistic type) or there were wins consistently throughout the season (if you liked to see the glass half full). Twice there were back to back wins, but the six losses popped up through the season like an unignored reminder on your calendar. Two players excelled, making Teams of the Year for the first time. Brendan Ferres made his debut in Leinster, and just about played enough Division 13 cricket to warrant his inclusion, scoring 215 runs at 53.75, including a 50 against Trinity. and 118 on the second pitch in Malahide. Bowling was just about Pembroke's strongest suit, and Harry Valentine led the way with 17 wickets at 11.59. Kieran Vulker was unlucky not to make the team with 24 wickets at 13.75 (the most wickets for Pembroke 5 in a league season, beating Craig Senior's 2011 record of 22). The rest of the bowling attack was made up of Graham Mooney's 11 at 17.09, James Cresswell's 10 at 17.10 and Craig Senior's 10 at 31. The leading run scorer was yet another debutant, Prajwal Doddaballap, with 299 runs at 27.18, followed by Graham Mooney with 233 at 33.29.

Greystones 2 - 4th - (Pos in league - 101 (2017 - 72)) - Batting Rating 98 - Bowling Rating 109 - RpO for 4.65 - RpO against 4.65

Perhaps a disappointing season for Greystones 2, who finished in 101st place in the league - the same as Greystones 3 did in 2017. A strong end to the season turned around a position of 2-5 at the end of July to 5-7 by the end. On the pitch we ranked them slightly stronger thn Pembroke, and a failure to play bottom side Wicklow County away from home cost them dearly. Arun Verma won his second place on the Team of the Year, after making the Division 12 team in 2013 for Lucan - his return being 15 wickets at 8.33. Andrew Reynolds is the second Greystones player to make the team, with 14 wickets at 11.50 - a fine achievement, with Reynolds breaking the 20 wicket barrier in all cricket for the first time since our records began in 2011. Vijay Ashokan came next with 13 at 20.62, followed by Thorfinn Newton with 12 at 24.92. The batting was the weaker part of Greystones' game and only 18 year old Mirwais Nawabzai passed 200 runs with 231 at 33.

Malahide 5 - 5th - (Pos in league - 102 (2017 - 99)) - Batting Rating 90 - Bowling Rating 82 - RpO for 4.57 - RpO against 5.37

Malahide had their opportunities to move up the ladder of 5th teams in Leinster cricket, but in the end remained as the 6th best. They beat both Phoenix 5 and Pembroke 5 during the season, but a closing run of five losses from their last seven matches dented their league ambitions. That win over Phoenix perhaps revealed their capabilities, a 116 run stand between Graeme Tarbox and Bala Vasudevan seeing them home by 7 wickets chasing 199. But that triumph masked an inconsistency, and couple with Malahide receiving a couple of walkovers (from Terenure and Wicklow County) meant that not too many individuals filled their boots. Sixteen year old Matthew Carrick was the only bowler to get into double figures in the wickets column, with 14 wickets at 17.57, with the runs column being even sparser - no one passed 200 runs with Graeme Tarbox leading with 196 at 32.67.

Dublin Univ 3 - 6th (Pos in league - 103 (2017 - 102)) - Batting Rating 83 - Bowling Rating 105 - RpO for 5.02 - RpO against 4.80

The fourth season in a row that Dublin University 3 have finished either 102nd or 103rd in the league. In fact, even going back to 2011 shows that they have finished between 97th and 104th every year. Good wins in mid June rescued the season some what, beating Terenure and Wicklow County, leapfrogging both teams in the process. Individual performances were unfortunately thin on the ground. There were no 5 wicket hauls and no hundreds (the team's last ton was Gareth Davis' 101* in August 2013). Vigneshwaran Swaminathan was the leading wicket taker with 11 wickets at 14.18, but no one scored 200 runs, with Saif Syed being best with 145 runs at 36.25. Interestingly with all the changes, ups and downs in Leinster cricket over the last eight seasons, Dublin University 3rds have risen from being the 19th best 3rd team to the 17th best in that time.

Terenure 3 - 7th (Pos in league - 104 (2017 - 87)) - Batting Rating 62 - Bowling Rating 85 - RpO for 3.69 - RpO against 4.95

Another tough year for Terenure 3 who dropped 17 places on their 2017 position. The batting struggled all season with only three of their eleven innings being over 133. But time to be a little positive. Of the squad of 32 players, twelve were 18 or under, with Sol Bell-Magaw, Dylan Cleary and Ryan Smith all playing the majority of the season. Cleary was the leading run scorer with 117 at 19.5. The bowling was much stronger, with Cleary completing an excellent all round season with 12 wickets at 18.85. Fifteen year old Michael Hanrahan took 10 wickets at 14.9 and the leading wicket taker was Keshav Bhagwati with 12 wickets at 11.5.

Wicklow County 2 - 8th (Pos in league - 105 (2017 - 100)) - Batting Rating 91 - Bowling Rating 70 - RpO for 4.75 - RpO against 5.56

Getting to the Minor Cup final gave Wicklow County 2 a bit of relief, but their league season was not one to be remembered. But again it is important to keep some form of perspective. 105th is the second highest that Wicklow County 2 have finished in the league in the last six seasons, and although it was a drop on last year, it is not to be sneezed at - Division 13 in 2018 was always going to be tough. The bowling took something of a hammering. Five sides scored over 230, and only Dublin University were bowled out (for 232). The one league win of the season was on September 1st, when Stephen Sheldon top scored with 46* as Malahide were defeated by 6 wickets. Niall Clifton was the leading batsman by far with 302 runs at 43.14, including 132 against Pembroke in Sydney Parade 2. It was the second highest score by an opener in Division 13, the highest being Anto Coates' 203 in 2012. The bowling struggled, with even those that took wickets, doing so at an expensive rate. Sanish Ignatious took 12 at 17.75, Shawaiz Chaudhary took 11 at 30.09 with Khalid Chaudhary finishing with 10 wickets at 28.7.

The full Division 13 batting averages can be found here, whilst the bowling averages are here

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