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Mon 3rd Dec 2018

By Cricket Leinster

2018 Cricket Leinster Awards - the complete list!

The complete list of all the winners at the 2018 Cricket Leinster Awards. Congrats!

GroundsOpen Divisions 1 - 4Pembroke CC
GroundsOpen Divisions 5 - 16Ringcommons CC
OCCPremier LeagueMerrion 1
OCCDivision 2Malahide 1
OCCDivision 3Pembroke 2
OCCDivision 4Railway Union 2
OCCDivision 5YMCA 3
OCCDivision 6Wexford Wanderers 1
OCCDivision 7Adamstown 2
OCCDivision 8Swords 1
OCCDivision 9Clondalkin 1
OCCDivision 10Civil Service 2
OCCDivision 11Merrion 6
OCCDivision 12AIB 1
OCCDivision 13Phoenix 5
OCCDivision 14Gorey 1
OCCDivision 15Leinster 6
OCCDivision 16Ring Commons 2
OCCMarchant Cup (Div 1 Batting)John Anderson (Merrion)
OCCO'Grady Cup (Div 1 Bowling)Albert van der Merwe (The HIlls)
OCCHopkins Cup (Div 1 W'keeping)Patrick Tice (Merrion)
OCCSamuels Cup( Div 1 All-Rounder)John Anderson (Merrion)
OCCSolomons Cup (Division 1 Fielding)Fiachra Tucker (Pembroke)
OCCBruton Cup (Div2 Batting)Stephen Doheny (Rush)
OCCClarke Cup (Div 2 Bowling)James Newland (Malahide)
OCCSatchwell Trophy (Div 2 W'keeping)Fintan McAllister (Malahide)
OCCEllis Cup (Div 2 All-Rounder)Stephen Doheny (Rush)
OCCVincent Cup (Div 2 Fielding)David O'Halloran (Malahide)
OCCBookman Cup (Div 3 Batting)Harry Archer (The Hills)
OCCOulton Cup (Div 3 Bowling)Asim Nazir (Clontarf)
OCCCullen Cup (Div 3 W'Keeping)Niranjan Shankar (Merrion)
OCCWebster Cup (Div 3 All-Rounder)Daniel Barclay (Pembroke)
OCCDiv 3 Fielding MedalVijay Gopal (Clontarf)
OCCYoung Player of the yearGareth Delany (Leinster)
OCCJohn Dawson Fair Play AwardConor Kelly (Clontarf)
WomensDivision 1 LeagueLeinster 1
WomensDivision 2 LeagueLeinster 2
WomensDivision 3 LeagueClontarf 2
WomensCrawford Cup (Div 1 Batting)Mary Waldron (Malahide)
WomensHarrison Cup (Div 1 Bowling)Isobel Joyce (Merrion)
WomensDawson Cup (Div 1 Wicketkeeping)Valmai Gee (Leinster)
WomensDiv 2 Batting CupLucy Small (North Kildare)
WomensDiv 2 Bowling CupJenny Sparrow (Leinster)
WomensHearnden Cup (Div 2 Wicketkeeping)Jane Butterly (Rush)
WomensSharp Cup (Div 3 Batting)Meishan Zhang (Clontarf)
WomensSchmidt Cup (Div 3 Bowling)Lauren Maxwell (Clontarf)
WomensDiv 3 Wicketkeeping CupNaomi Mitchell (Pembroke)
WomensHoward Cup (All-Rounder)Sadbh Breslin (Merrion)
WomensFarrell/Pilkington Cup (Most Improved Player)Una Raymond-Hoey (Clontarf)
WomensPilkington Cup (Fair Play)Sharon Lewis (YMCA)
OtherHall of FameBrian Gilmore (Malahide)

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