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Sat 21st Jul 2012

By Eddie Lewis

RSA [Live Scores] Match Centre

To access the Match Centre use the following link. When the full system goes live there will be a link from the Home Page.

For anyone just interested in just having a look copy the above or key into internet application on mobile phone. A properly scaled view of the Match Centre for the device should display. You will be able to see:

Fixtures:         List of all fixtures for the day. If you click on the Heart symbol the match will be selected can be followed through the day.  If you see ‘Live’ against the fixture then there have been updates provided.

Saved:             List of selected matches

Updates:         Will provide general access to updates from the Match Centre


How to provide updates.

Tweet to Match Centre

The simplest way to provide an update on a match is to tweet from your mobile phone using  -  [hashtag]cricketleinster 


Update Matches on Match Centre [Club Access]

Clubs have password protected access to make changes in fixtures. Using this access a club member will be able to use the admin login on their mobile phone so that they can pull up a list of matches from the club and they will then be able to provide scores, comments etc on matches involving their club. These updates will be automatically sent to the Match Centre.

One potential use of this in the future will be to improve information about matches that have been called off due to weather. This can be put up on the Match Centre. I would stress that this is not an alternative to properly informing the other club of changes to a fixture but it may help to get information out more quickly.

Over the next week we will provide clubs with a club specific access codes for updating the Match Centre.


Scorecard using Total Cricket Scorer

The Match Centre has been designed so that anyone using TCS for scoring a match will be able very easily to e/mail the scorecard to the site. It is hoped that scorers will get into the habit of sending regular updated scorecards to the Match Centre. The latest scorecard will be displayed in each case.

This works very simply. Each match has ID Code. For those with Club Access, once you click on a match a four number ID code will display. Simply note this and when you are e/mailing a scorecard to the Match Centre simply replace any information in the e/mail Subject with the match ID.

Summary:      e/mail to scores@cricketleinster

                        Enter ID Code in Subject of e/mail.


Live Scoring using Total Cricket Scorer

Any club that is interested in having the Live Scores of their match displayed on the Match Centre simply needs to obtain a Live Licence from TCS [costs £10 per annum] and enter the code against the match being covered. The Match Centre has been designed to run a special Widget from TCS which gives the live score. Full details, scorecard etc, can be accessed through the widget on the TCS website.


Reporters and Moderators

It is hoped that we will find a few hardy volunteers who will be interested while watching cricket to provide updates on matches or even make general comments.

We will also be looking for moderators who will keep an eye, and contribute to the narratives, about what is going on in Leinster on a Saturday or a Sunday. This is something that can be done anywhere there is internet access – ideally while watching a match.



Please remember teh Match Centre is only just getting going so there may be the odd bug. If you come across some difficulty in using the features please let us know. We are also intersted in any feedback on how the service might be developed.

Business Patrons: Please support the business that support Cricket Leinster