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Thu 12th Apr 2012

By Paul Reynolds

Computer scoring in the Open Comps

From the 2012 season the use of eScoring will be a requirement for all Division 1 matches. It will be up to the Home team to undertake the electronic scoring, the away team will continue to record the match details in a standard scorebook.

The purpose of this is not only to simplify the production of match scorecards and competition statistics but also to facilitate the provision of live scores through the Cricket Leinster website.  This is planned on a pilot basis for later on in the season.

To make it easier for clubs moving to eScoring for the first time the LCU has purchased a number of licences for the main [and recommended] eScoring software package, Total Cricket Scorer [TCS]. Licence keys can be obtained from the Chair of the OCC, Paul Reynolds.

It is also possible to acquire a TCS app for scoring on the iPad, though this does not have all the features of the main package.

Clubs, other than D1 clubs, may also apply for the available TCS licences providing that they commit to using the package at their home games. This will be on a first come – first served basis.

For further information on the use of TCS clubs might talk to Peter Flanagan [YMCA] who has been using this package for some time and has been helping the LCU develop its approach to eScoring. You can contact peter at Peter Flanagan <>


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